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“What is Hunting Season to you ?”

Everyday is “Hunting Season” for us in the Umiverse. Our primary focus is to be life long learners. Seeking knowledge day in and day out focused on the bigger picture to our goals. This is what we’re hunting for! Knowledge and experience is our prey and without that we cannot survive. “Hunting Season” to us means being creative, innovative, optimistic, and outcome focused.

Umiverse Essentials For Life: (Action Steps)

  1. Never be afraid to fail and make mistakes. Write down 3 things you failed or made a mistake in & WHY?

  2. Always think optimistic!

  3. Express all your ideas (there’s never a bad idea) Take 2 minutes to write down any ideas that you feel is important to you.

  4. Plan out your goals! Write down 3 goals you want to achieve each month.

  5. Find Real Teachers not fake teachers.

(Real teachers) – Teachers who have real life experience in what they teach.

(Fake teachers) – Teachers who don’t have any real world experience and doesn’t practice what they preach.

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