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Experience Is The Best Teacher

Once you figure out your purpose and your “ why” then you can start putting in action. Your “Why” is going to keep you motivated everyday! The days you want to quit just remember your “Why” and what gives you the drive to create this amazing life you want for yourself. The things that give you the strength everyday to run your business, get that promotion at your job or something even that’s motivating you to accomplish all your goals is your “why”. This can be very powerful and very effective. Once you transition and start to believe in your goals others will start too!

Your “Why” can be anything that gives you the ambition to be the greatest you can be. Your “Why” comes from your trauma and the fire that runs deep down inside of you. So every time you think about your “why” you should be releasing that energy and transforming it into a diligent, ambitious, and courageous ball of fire!

This will always get keep you focus and ready to go even when you can’t go anymore.

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