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“Think Smarter Not Cheaper”

Updated: May 28, 2020

When Umi Dubs made this transformation from being a ordinary brand to an Extraordinary brand many people were confused. They didn’t understand why prices inflated and how the content was evolving. The reason is because Umi Dubs corporation started to “Think Smarter Not Cheaper”Products are no longer being made in our garage but across the country on a assembly line. Each and every one of Umi’s products are made from scratch ( from fabric and yarn that has to be sown together).This is very hard to understand until you see and feel the products for yourself.

Umi Dubs value customer service and set high standards in that category to be achieved. Umi’s main goal is to help customers, families, and friends to start“Thinking Smarter Not Cheaper”because wouldn’t you want a product that could last for 10 years instead of 10 months ? (No shrinkage, no fading) The only way to make thatright decisionis to change your way of “Thinking“. #LionHarts #Umiverse #PersonalDevelopementIsKey

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